A few words about us: From 1905 until today…



propappousDuring the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century (the very fisrt documantaries are dated back in 1905*) our great-grandfather Evaggelos S. Nessis (1880-1953) a goldsmith of the time, dares -in that unfavorable era- to set-up a jewellery and silversmith workshop.

Evaggelos’ birthplace, Kalarrytes, was a quite big village populated with approximately 3,000 inhabitants and with a great reputation for the most famous and talented goldsmiths of the time.

Nearly 20 workers were occupied at Nessis’ workshop and Evaggelos’ brother, Apostolos, was the chief goldsmith.

(* Evaggelos’ father, Sotirios was also a goldsmith but due to the massive catastrophe of the village caused by the Otoman troops, we were never able to find any written document that could give us a more specific clue about his story as a goldsmith.)



pappousEvaggelos’ son, Vasileios Nessis -as a second generation goldsmith- was the next one in charge of the business. Since he was very young, he began experimenting in the art of jewellery making. He has been a keen goldsmith and a very talented craftsman. During all these years he has trained many young workers and some of them managed to set up their own workshops in the area…

Vasileios was a bold, visionary and very active person and that’s the reason he decided to expand his activities by opening (in about 1930) one of the very first jewellery retail stores in Averof street, Ioannina. Averof street is now considered to be the road of the jewellers. That move proved to be quite crucial as during the following years the business thrived and become famous in the area as one of the most reliable and higly regarded jewellery shops not only in Ioannina, but also all over the country.

His love for his profession made him an expert in the field and a quite famous appraiser of rare objects and jewellery. His customers, his colleagues and his friends had great respect for him not only for his knowledge but also for his personality.



Vaggelis, son of Vasileios, is the third generation in the family business. He got familiar to jewellery since he was young. His father played a major role in that. However, because of his love for drawing and sketching, he was keen on inventing new designs and patterns for jewellery.

He studied engineering in the National and Technical University of Athens and graduated in 1976. Sinckosmos magazie then, after a short period working as an engineer, he decided to go back to the family business and devote his professional life to Nessis jewellery store.

That period since today has been the most successful era for the family business and our parents have been the key factors for that development. Our father with his constant quest for something new and innovative for example about new products, new designs or patterns and new techniques and our mother, Ioanna, with the love she had for jewellery, her elegant taste and the efforts she made towards a more artistic direction to our designs both played a major role in that success.



Eventually we are now the fourth generation!

In our beginning we set up this website and we soon intend to launch an e-store with our latest creations. We begin this effort in a positive way and we truly believe that it will turn out to be successful.

Our goal through this website is to make clear to everyone what we represent through our work all these years. That’s why we choose to exhibit certain jewels and objects of a more special or artistic nature. Our ambition is to create some new trends through our personal style in either casual or classic jewellery by blending metals, gemstones and even porcelain or glass. These new creations will be the core of our website as we intend to focus on unique or limited edition pieces.

What we want to achieve is the constant renewal of designs and featured products. We want to come to the point that every piece of jewellery or object displayed in our website or in our store windows to be inspired and designed by us!

We are willing to listen to your suggestions and we truly believe that your support will be of great help in this effort we make.

Veroniki & Vasilis